MacBook Air and iPad 2

MacBook Air and iPad 2- 6 best difference you should know

Brief overview of MacBook Air and iPad 2

Apple produces two computing devices, the MacBook Air and iPad 2. While MacBook Air is a notebook computer, iPad 2 is tablet computer designed for touchscreen interaction and portability. MacOS powers MacBook Air while iOS powers iPad 2, each device boasting unique specifications to meet specific user and task needs.

What is MacBook Air?

Apple’s MacBook Air ultraportable notebook was first introduced to market in 2008 and quickly gained favor among executives on the move and high-flying executives, becoming popular due to its ability to multitask complex computing tasks while being so light that one feels they are carrying around a tablet. Available with either 11″ or 13″ monitors paired with flash memory capacities of 64GB to 256GB.

MacBook Air
Figure 01: MacBook Air

Both models use Core 2 Duo processors (with 11-inch models featuring 1.86GHz CPU speeds; 13″ models have 1.14GHz); RAM is 2 GB for both models; both use NVIDIA GeForce 325M GPUs to streamline graphics processing tasks with ease!

MacBook Air sports a display resolution of 1366×768 pixel while its 13-inch counterpart offers 1440×900. Both come preloaded with Windows7 and Mac OSX 10.6.x; both models use Wi-Fi, Bluetoothv2.1+EDR, webcams and full support for flash. While neither 11-inch model supports SD cards like its counterpart can, users of 13-inch MacBooks have up to 7 hours battery life each while only the 11-inch.

MacBook weighs only 2.3oz while 13 inch models range between 1299 to 1599 and prices for 11-inch models vary between $999 up until $1199 while 13 inch models range between 1299 to 1599 respectively. Prices on 11 inch models;

What is iPad 2?

iPad2 has quickly become one of the world’s favorite computers and status symbols for millions. Boasting a 9.7-inch display at 1024×768, running iOS 4.3 on an Apple A5 dual-core processor and three different memory capacities (16GB as its default setting, 32 GB (standard), 64 GB – none can use SD cards to increase internal storage – this model comes equipped with both threeG (the default), Wi-Fi + 3G (3G + Wi-Fi models available as well).

iPad 2
Figure 02: iPad 2

Two cameras (one for video calls), two cameras (one for photoshopping), digital compasses, Gyrosensors for enhanced navigation as well as standard Li-ion batteries that give talk time of 9-10 hours of talk time when fully charged up – it’s hard to beat iPad 2.

iPad2 is ideal for people who frequently access the internet but require light typing or emailing; MacBook Air on the other hand provides users with more robust typing or emailing features and is better for multitasking; whilst iPad2 users may watch videos, send and receive pictures, type documents and perform light computing with its touch interface whereas MacBook Air provides better multitasking capability.

The iPad is much lighter than MacBook Air and can fit easily in jacket pockets while MacBook Air must be carried with a shoulder bag.

Difference of MacBook Air and iPad 2

  • Design and Display

Both devices differ considerably in physical design and display specifications, yet both offer unique user experiences.

The MacBook Air is a clamshell laptop featuring full size keyboard and trackpad with either 11 inch or 13 inch screens that feature 1366×768 or 1440×900 resolution screens; 16:9 aspect-ratio LED backlit displays; however it lacks touchscreen capability.

iPad 2 is an iOS tablet featuring a large touch screen display of 9.7″, boasting 1024×768 pixel resolution with 4:3 aspect ratio and capacitive multi-touch gesture support, all wrapped within an IPS LCD technology frame.

The MacBook Air is a laptop featuring nontouchscreen display while iPad 2 features touchscreen capability. Both screens boast higher-resolution displays; however, only MacBook Air uses an IPS LCD panel which supports multitouch gestures whereas iPad 2 uses multi-touch gestures.

  • Performance and Power

Both devices possess differing processing power.

MacBook Airs are powered by Intel Core processors ranging in power from dual core Intel Core i3 up to quad core Intel Core i7; different models will feature different RAM and storage capacities; they run macOS desktop OS that is designed to run popular software such as Final Cut Pro or Logic Pro for added professional applications support.

iPad 2 is powered by Apple A5 chip which features dual-core CPU and quad-core graphics processor unit (GPU). There’s 512 MB RAM with various storage options and runs iOS, an operating system designed for mobile devices optimized for touchscreen interaction and App Store apps.

MacBook Air computers use more power and have shorter battery lives compared to an iPad 2, making it less ideal for mobile use. An iPad 2’s long lasting battery makes it suitable for portable usage.

The MacBook Air boasts superior performance, running more applications with greater ease; while iPad 2 was created specifically to address mobile use. Its mobile OS provides for optimal touch interaction.

  • Connectivity and Ports

MacBook Air and iPad 2 both boast unique ports and connectivity solutions, as well as various ports available on each.

The MacBook Air boasts more connectivity options than iPad 2. This notebook contains two USB-C ports, headphone jack and Thunderbolt port that support external displays, storage devices and peripheral devices – some models even boast SDXC slot support!

The iPad 2 on the other hand boasts a dock connector with 30 pins that allows charging, syncing and connecting external accessories such as keyboards or cameras. In addition, there’s also a headphone connector, microphone and integrated speaker on this tablet device – although no USB ports exist here as Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity and internet access is supported instead.

MacBook Air provides more ports and connectivity than iPad 2, including Thunderbolt 3, USB-C ports and SDXC slot support; in comparison the iPad 2 uses 30-pin connector for charging, external accessories and Wi-Fi or cell connection.

  • Storage and Memory

MacBook Air and iPad 2 both provide various memory and storage solutions.

The MacBook Air boasts more RAM and storage options than its iPad 2 counterpart, including models offering RAM capacities between 8GB-16GB.

The iPad 2 offers 16GB to 64GB storage options with up to 512MB RAM, although no external storage device or cloud services such as iCloud or Dropbox is currently supported by it.

MacBook Air has more RAM and is faster than iPad 2. It can handle larger files and is therefore better suited to perform demanding tasks. Although its storage and RAM are limited, they are sufficient for basic entertainment tasks and productivity.

  • Input and Output Devices

MacBook Air and iPad 2 both utilize different input/output devices.

MacBook Air notebooks feature both physical keyboards and trackpads as primary input devices, with external keyboards and mice compatible with Thunderbolt ports as peripheral connections. Webcams and microphones allow for video conferencing or recording purposes.

The iPad 2 lacks both keyboards and trackpads; instead it relies on multi-touch input via its touchscreen display. External keyboards and styluses like Apple Pencil work seamlessly with it; additionally it comes equipped with built-in video camera footage capture, microphone audio input/output functionality as well as speaker capability – not to mention built-in video cameras, mic input/output microphone and speakerphone functionality for enhanced video conferencing experiences.

MacBook Air’s primary input devices are a trackpad, physical keyboard and stylus. The iPad 2 has a touchscreen that allows it to use external keyboards and styluses. Both come equipped with cameras, microphones and speakers capable of video conferencing or multimedia usage.

  • Price and Value

MacBook Air and iPad 2 offer different values at differing price points.

MacBook Air prices begin at $999 and can reach $1299 or even higher, depending on configuration and model. With greater processing power and software features that meet professional demands, this laptop is suitable for professionals as well as anyone needing to perform intensive tasks on it.

The iPad 2 offers an affordable alternative, starting from just $299 for a refurbished model. While not as powerful or flexible as its more powerful rival, MacBook Air, this highly mobile and versatile computer makes for ideal on-the-go use, including web browsing, email correspondence and document editing.

The MacBook Air provides an immersive computing experience and wide software selections suitable for demanding work; in contrast, iPad 2 provides more affordable computing experiences, making them suitable for basic productivity or on-the-go usage.


Apple’s MacBook Air & iPad 2 are two popular computers with striking differences in terms of design, display, performance, connectivity, storage space management abilities as well as pricing.
MacBook Air laptops with macOS offer powerful computing environments ideal for professional or power user tasks requiring powerful computing environments. Offering numerous software features and ports and connectivity features, MacBook Air laptops provide users with powerful computing environments designed specifically to address demanding workloads. The iPad 2 tablet is highly portable, running iOS with an optimized touch interface and featuring long battery life – ideal for basic productivity tasks such as emailing, web surfing and document editing.

Decision between MacBook Air or iPad 2 depends on an individual’s personal needs and preferences. A powerful computer like MacBook Air may be needed for demanding tasks while an iPad 2 might offer greater portability and versatility.

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